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Survival is not a national favour, it’s a right!

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By Carlton Ishmael

DEPENDING on what political party you support, one sometimes chooses not to worry about its shortcomings. But the way things have changed, those in charge, or given a mandate to rule, need to burn the midnight oil in searching for solutions to people’s growing needs.

It is grossly unfair that some can earn much and live extremely well, while some people don’t seem to know how to continue putting bread on their table, far less dealing with the day-to-day bills that ensure basic services.

In today’s life, electricity, water, internet service, television and telephone service is no longer a luxury. These have become living needs, plus housing, food, education, transportation, clothing — all are added needs, but come at a cost and survival in these times depends on having all of them.

You can’t eat bush, or substitute health because of poverty, the cost of repairing the damage is even more costly, not forgetting that even death has a cost.

We all cannot be equal because some have better means than others, some are more fortunate than others, but equally, some are better at conning and stealing than others. Some know how to play the system, some know how to deceive the system and some know how to align themselves with the powers that be, to milk the system.

Some get rich by exploiting others, some get wealth through fraud, some know how to bluff and overcharge for service, while most simple and humble people go through hell to make ends meet.

The leaders and planners need to become more sensitive to the plight of the people and the help and opportunities needed have to be addressed in a more practical way. Honesty has to prevail and God has to be included in the package.

We cannot see only about the needs of some and not pay attention to all the citizens of this country. We should have choices because survival is not a national favour, it is a right. So, I ask that unfairness stops in the interest of good governance.

Crime is a result of the dissatisfied and the people are neither blind nor dumb, as they see and notice all the unfair treatment that exists. Material growth should not be a yardstick for growth; people need a lifeline, a chance, a bit of support — and genuine help.

The bluff cannot continue. We vote, we sacrifice, and we contribute, so we too should be counted.
Failing to care will result in a future revolution and the losses and gains of all the ones who presently enjoy the wealth of today, but will not see the glory of their efforts, so I plead that the leaders of today and tomorrow take heed, as nothing lasts forever.

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