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Saint Lucia Records Cases #157 to #160 of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health today Friday November 13, 2020 received confirmation of four new cases of COVID-19. This brings the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 160.

Case #157 is a 47 year old male from the Laborie district
Case #158 is a 14 year old female from the Babonneau district
Case #159 is a 59 year old male from the Soufriere district
Case #160 is a 55 year old female from the Soufriere district

These individuals were assessed and tested for COVID-19 within the community respiratory health facilities. They were all placed in quarantine by the health practitioners while awaiting their test results. Epidemiological links have been established for three of these cases. Case #157 is linked to case #126. Case #158 is linked to cases #100 and #138. Case #160 is linked to case #116. Arrangements have been made for the placement of these individuals into care. This brings the total number of active cases currently in country to 112.

As we have increased the volume of tests being conducted and the resulting cases being diagnosed, it is important that we are reminded that COVID-19 is a new virus to us all. As such, we all are vulnerable to it. To limit impact of the virus on us infection prevention measures is continually being promoted as the most effective approach to protect public health. These measures, though simple, are nonetheless highly effective. They provide us with the opportunity to keep everyone safer as these measures, when adhered to, minimize our exposure to the virus.

The Ministry of Health once more reminds every citizen of the importance of consistently practicing infection prevention and control measures

Wash and sanitize hands often during the day, particularly when out of home
Ensure a mask is always used while in public
Follow the floor markers in public spaces to maintain the recommended physical distance. Where floor markers are not available as a guide, the separation from the next person should be about two arm’s length apart
If experiencing flu-like symptoms keep away from others and seek medical care immediately at the closest respiratory clinic
Avoid contact with other people who have flu-like symptoms

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue providing updates as new information becomes available.

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