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Honesty and Commonsense Remain the Password

By Edwin James

TODAY, there are a number of issues which I need to bring to the attention of the public. First, the suggestion by some persons that government should consider a lock down and others who appear to be targeting certain hotels in light of the community spread currently being witnessed.

We as a nation don’t have all the answers pertaining to the virus, as a result, we need to learn from the major countries what kind of action is best suited for our needs. Closing down the country is no longer an option, as the virus will be around for another two years. We must accept the fact, that there are rules and regulations which must be adopted, and this formula applies to society in general.

The virus has a shelf life like all viruses, but in the interim, adopting the protocols suggested by the scientists are very clear. All it takes, is a level of discipline. There is no magic wand anyone can wave to cause the virus to disappear. Those calling for a shutdown are simply talking at the top of their heads, not realizing that thousands of Saint Lucians need a job to sustain themselves and their families, plus hotel owners only have a limited period to salvage their businesses which will hopefully come together and start rehiring. Unlike international countries, which have the ability to print money, we in the Caribbean have to borrow that printed money with interest.

Once we as a people remain in business, an element of risk taking is not an option but a necessity within a business curriculum. Permitting tourist to enter our shores, is a risk which has to be managed and we have done an excellent job thus far. The half a dozen cases of staff members who tested positive were actually infected within the community which has been proven and prompt action has been taken.

Community spread remains the most challenging based on association and past methods of our living habits which is understandable, but we must make that special attempt for the next few months in reducing the spread. A fool is one who makes the same mistake twice and we highlight this saying based on some of the known mistakes which were man-made by condoning the entrance of locals through the back door. This is totally wrong and living in denial is a cardinal sin.

Remember the phrase, “We ain’t have no COVID here.” Thirdly holding demonstrations in the midst of a pandemic is crazy and irresponsible, so hopefully, those individuals pushing this agenda will now understand the implications. The two rouge television stations which continue highlighting the propaganda for political comfort are totally adverse to a healthy society and continue on their path of adversity for selfish and personal reasons only. They will one day pay dearly for their ignorance and hostility towards an administration they remain uncomfortable with.

Finally at the St. Jude Hospital the heavy rains experienced over the last 21 days has created a setback, but fortunately the new concept devised for the outer walls are all being fabricated in doors and to date, some 400 panels out of the 800 to address the outer walls have been completed. On December 1st, 2020, the contractors will commence the full cladding which should be completed in 21 days. This concept has been chosen to escape any mold issues which has haunted many offices and homes on island. We must live in modern times to circumvent the ills of the past.

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