Courts Showcases Local Furniture Dealers at its Creole Month Celebrations

To culminate Creole Heritage Month this past Friday, October 30th, the Unicomer (Saint Lucia) Limited, trading as Courts, presented as the centerpiece of its in-store furniture showcase inventory from local furniture suppliers. This provided them with an active commercial platform to highlight their products sold at Courts locations across the island. Patrons and guests were also treated to brilliant works of art on display by Alwyn St. Omer, a renowned local artist, who is widely recognized for his colorful depictions of the creole culture and abstract interpretation of life in St. Lucia.

Local furniture on display

Mrs. Allison Niles, Senior Branch Manager, Courts, Chaussee stated, “Courts is a committed corporate citizen and we are cognizant that we must support the communities in which we work, live and operate. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, this year has been an especially challenging one and we felt the need to ensure that we enrich the lives of our local supplier to help grow and sustain our economy”.

Courts makes a deliberate attempt every year to provide avenues for dealers to exhibit locally manufactured products. For the first time, in attendance at this year’s exhibit was the manufacturer Timothy Gaston. Mr. Gatson took the opportunity to reflect on the event, sharing that it was beneficial to be a part of the proceedings. He noted that it gave him a chance share and explain his pieces and solicit valuable feedback on his products to help him gain a deeper understand of consumer preferences and needs.

“Courts has always been a pillar of the business society and we feel that it is through these types of initiatives that we can help to restore and rebuild our economies post COVID-19,” stated Mrs. Niles. “We have pledged our support to add value to the lives of our customers and our community. Noting the impact of COVID-19, our efforts have not only been focused on finding ways to increase revenues, but also to protect the earnings of our customers. With these types of partnerships and through the restructure of our business practices with programs like our recently launched Credi-Care initiative (a program designed to help persons restore and restructure their credit) we feel that we are one step closer to rejuvenating the thriving St. Lucian economy we all know and love”.

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