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CMO Warns of More COVID Cases to Come

WITH 246 diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in country as of yesterday, and a one-year-old child from the Babonneau district registered as case number 242, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George has warned of more cases to come if Saint Lucians do not adhere to the protocols established to deal with the pandemic.

Dr. George, who spoke at a press conference yesterday following a National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) said that the Gros Islet area has the highest number of cases followed by the Castries area.

Image of Dr. Sharon Belmar-George
Dr. Sharon Belmar-George

“From our forecast we predict that if we do not adhere to the protocols, if we do not break the transmission rate there is the possibility of more cases,” she said.

According to her yesterday’s new cases bring the number of active cases currently in country to 135, with 110 persons in isolation and more than 365 in quarantine.

Certain decisions were taken at the NEMAC meeting that will come into force on Tuesday December 1, 2020.

These decisions include working from home, a condition that implies to all agencies and businesses so as to reduce contact away from home.

The NEMAC group which includes members of the private sector, civil society and the clergy decided as well that all business operations and commercial activities must end by 9:00pm daily with separate provisions being applied to sectors like essential services, construction, manufacturing call centers, etc.

Another recommendation from the NEMAC group includes restrictions on all social gatherings. No provisions will be made for celebrations of any kind including birthdays, weddings, retirements, funerals, boat rides, beach pictures, etc.

Exceptions are made for special religious rites such as christenings, with weddings and funerals restricted to 25 individuals inclusive of observers and service leaders.

Another recommendation is that of alcohol not being consumed on premises with no gatherings inside and outside bars and other places that sell alcohol. The sale of sealed alcohol is permitted from supermarkets, minimarts and gas stations.

There will be restrictions on all sporting activities, including gyms with schools remaining physically closed and exclusively operational via multimedia modules, however special allowances have been made for students preparing for regional and international evaluations.

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  1. From my warm Basement, let me extend my sympathy to all in Sunny St. Lucia, some just
    don’t know how to appreciate the blessings given to them, such that other folks spend a
    fortune travelling by Jet to come and enjoy the Sun, cool Hotels, smiling faces at the Markets
    loving to hear a hello from a tourist. Lucky too to have a CMO working day and night with a
    Med staff who by now must be worned out; it’s not only hard work, it’s damn dangerous too.
    It’s because of its inherent danger,They deserve our respect, our prayers and Gods’ blessings.
    We live on a chunk of Rock, sticking out of the ocean, with just enough greenery to get by so
    don’t abuse the warnings given, lucky to be called a Nation member of the U.N. Respect the
    authority, listen to the medical team, they know best, but whatever you do, thank ye the ‘Lord’.

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