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PRESS RELEASE — Today, Tuesday October 27, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Wellness received confirmation of two new cases of COVID-19. This brings the total number of cases diagnosed in the country to date to 65. There are presently 38 active cases isolated and in care.

Case number 64 is a 15-year-old female from the Castries district.

Case number 65 is a 36-year-old female from the Babonneau district.

Both of these cases were placed in quarantine while awaiting the results from their tests. Case number 64 was a contact of case number 43.

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It is important to note that we are all vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus no matter our age, gender, place of residence, or employment status. This virus can be contracted by anyone. However, by each person constantly keeping on guard and adhering to the guidelines for the prevention of infection, it is possible to remain safe even while living with COVID-19. It is

possible to put a stop to the increasing number of cases if we do what works:

– wash and sanitize hands often daily

– wear a mask in public

– cover your sneeze and cough with a tissue or your inner elbow when tissue is not available – maintain the six foot physical distance from the next person

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