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Police to Shut Down Jounen Kwéyòl Activities Except….

THE Public is hereby advised that the hosting of Jounen Kwéyòl Activities is not permitted.

Image of Severin Monchery, Commissioner of Police.
Severin Monchery, Commissioner of Police.

The office of the Commissioner of Police wishes to inform the public that following consultation with the office of the Chief Medical Officer, other public health officials and stakeholders, the hosting of all activities, with the exception of single household gatherings, is not allowed. This decision is in keeping with the guidelines and protocols relating to the COVID-19 management efforts.

Any person wishing to host activities in the future, must seek and receive approval from the office of the Chief Medical Officer and the Commissioner of Police. Failure to adhere to this will result in the event being shut down by the police.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continues to encourage all to adhere to the protocols, particularly adherence to the wearing of masks and social distancing, as we continue the fight against COVID-19.

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  1. With my respects to you Sir, may I suggest a change in the wording of this ‘Order’.
    knowing that which we are dealing with, we can no longer play around with this killer.
    There should be “NO” exceptions – Period.
    We cannot trust the deep-seated laissez-faire attitude of our people to adhere to any such
    ‘Order’ from the authorities. I would be very surprised if our folks have got any wiser overnight.
    Don’t throw any bait around by saying. “anyone wishing to host activities……..must seek and
    receive approval..” well good luck with that; they ain’t afraid of orders, got to be much tougher.
    You and I know, when comes to ‘Fetting’ they would risk anything just for a good time; so we
    got to go on ‘Air’ and do it very soon – no gatherings until this demonic killer is defeated – period.
    The backdoor entrances must be locked down, or else you can forget about beating this Pandemic.
    I am encouraged that we have been doing a great job, be careful that can easily evaporate; Be Blessed.

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