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Pell Lansiquot And His Usual Crap

TAKING a cool drive to work on the 20th October, I had the opportunity to listen, for the first time, to a Radio Talk show with Pell Lansiquot being Yardie’s guest. I have never heard so much rubbish by a man looking to represent a constituency so rich in talent, Central Castries. What a talker without any track record. The callers as usual made matters worse, because of their political affiliation.

Firstly, how can Pell blame unemployment and lack of education for crime in Central Castries. Pell, Jimmy Fletcher, Albert Joseph, Eustace Chinie Vitalis, Frank Myers, the Francis brothers, Trevor Phillip and lots of others whom I cannot think of now as I write with haste and yes Cuthbert Didier who called to back you up, all at sometime during their school days and thereafter lived in Central Castries. Pell, why did the individuals mentioned plus lots of others follow the straight and narrow path? Don’t you know that with the advent of quick cash and protection of turf through the DRUG TRADE that crime became rampant? It is easier to earn 2K per day with all the vanity that comes with it than 2- 4K per month with house rent and bank loan to pay. The quick cash which is regarded as easy money comes with lots of protection, and thereby resulting in an influx of firearms on island.

If you are educated and you choose to be in criminal activity, it makes it even more dangerous as you are able to create a network with high ranking officials in the business, legal and security field as you must pay for protection. No amount of education and employment will prevent or solve the crime situation, you must just have a heart for living peacefully with your fellowmen. I know of parents who brought up their children with great discipline, yet those same children still entangled themselves on the fringe of the underworld. So many jobs are being created by the present Government, quite a few of our youths have been given scholarships, while some don’t even bother to apply. Yes, there is a social issue but tell me how do you solve it, when everyone seems to have their own way of life? I may step on your toe and say sorry, without a problem, but how many toes can I accidentally step on without having to pay for it.

Further, brother, you mentioned that the Government should deepen its ties with countries like Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and Taiwan in order to obtain more scholarships for our youth. Why do you try to spit in peoples’ eyes and call it rain? You full well know that St. Lucia has great relations with Taiwan, Cuba and Venezuela, the latter now losing all faith in democracy. You, being in the diplomatic field, must surely know how our students studying there were frantically trying to find ways to remove themselves from Venezuela. You expect our youth to accept scholarships from that country at this time? On the other hand, tell me how we can deepen our relationship with China when we have full diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Remember that your government gave China the big boot when it was returned to office in 2011. Pell are you just trying to sing the communist song once again. I am sure you remember the famous Glasnost and Perestroika of the 80’s.

My friend Pell you are one of those who will burn an entire house to kill a cockroach, so therefore you will have to come better to ever represent a constituency in St. Lucian politics.

You will realise that I did not spend time on all you said for the simple reason that the UWP Government is doing the best for all of us in St. Lucia, especially the youth. Visit OJO Labs my boy.


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