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Massy Stores Launches Breast Cancer Campaign 2020

Pink Cancer signature bag; part of this year’s fundraising

MASSY Stores (SLU) rolled out its 2020 Breast Cancer Campaign on October 1st, renewing its pledge to support the breast cancer cause in spite of COVID 19.

This year’s campaign will have two components. The first part is where customers and staff are asked to make a donation at any Massy Stores cash register starting at $1.00 up to $200. The second is through sales of a signature Massy Stores Cancer Reusable bag. $1.00 on every reusable bag sold and the cash register donations will be given to Faces of Cancer St. Lucia, the cancer support group that the company has assisted with fund raising efforts through their Cancer Campaign for many years.

The company’s support for breast cancer started in 2008 and has been ongoing every year since.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Massy Stores recognize that those living with cancer are more vulnerable and support to organizations like Faces of Cancer is needed more than ever. We applaud the critical role they play in supporting persons living with cancer. Last year with the help of our customers and staff we were able to raise $16,000. We remain steadfast in our commitment to help bring awareness to, and support this cause and trust that the public will continue to respond in similar vein” says Martin Dorville, Managing Director of Massy Stores.

Dorothy Phillips, the Executive Director of Faces of Cancer welcomed the continuing partnership. “We applaud organizations like Massy Stores who continue to champion this cause year after year. We thank the public in advance for their support of the Massy campaign as our pool of donations have gone down tremendously, since we have not been able to do any public fund raising this year due to the pandemic. We are also encouraging other organizations to support our October Workplace Breast Cancer Campaign which take the form of educational events for staff with fund raising opportunities for both staff and customers.”

The Massy Stores breast cancer awareness campaign will run for six weeks (October 1st to November 15th, 2020).

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