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Man not wearing mask arrested by City Police

OFFICERS attached to the City Police Department will be enforcing the wearing of masks in the City of Castries.

City Police officers made their first arrest on Monday of a male individual who was not wearing a mask.

Image of Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis
Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis

The young offender will be charged for failing to adhere to the COVID-19 Prevention & Control regulations.

Just recently, the Castries Constituency Council appealed to the Flea Market, Roadside and Provisions Vendors to adhere to the health protocols and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health in a bid to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In addition, customers and staff members at the market were requested to follow public health guidelines that require face masks and maintaining a distance of at least six feet between each other.

Speaking to the issue, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis says anyone not abiding by the law on face covering will be fined.

“My hope is that everyone will comply and that people who are not observing protocols will be shamed into complying or made to account. If we are concerned about what is going on, we will observe all health protocols and guidelines,” said Mayor Francis.

Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to EC$1000.00.

The City Police Department will be on active patrol to ensure that all public health protocols are adhered to.

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