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Employers Inaction Delays ERP Payments

THE National Insurance Corporation (NIC) this week called on employers to provide the relevant information necessary for the payment to claimants.

According to the NIC of the 1,495 employers, 256 are yet to provide the relevant information needed by the NIC to begin processing payments to some claimants

“The NIC wishes to ensure that all qualifying persons who applied for income support under the Economic Relief Programme (ERP) prior to the deadline are paid. The NIC is however still awaiting information from some employers. The NIC wishes to thank all employers who have updated the Employer Portal on behalf of their employees,” the NIC indicated in a press release.

It claimed that in an effort to ensure all qualified applicants receive their payments, it is appealing to all employers who have not done what they supposed to do to visit the NIC website and provide all updates and verification via the Employer Portal.

“Should you require assistance, please call 457-6019 or email [email protected],” wrote the NIC.

The deadline for submission of information is October 31st, 2020. For employees who are still awaiting payments due to missing information from their employers, please note that these payments will be process as soon as the NIC receive the updated information. As OF October 20th, 2020, the NIC has made 68,904 payments to 18,853 applicants totaling $64,861,978.85.

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  1. a confusing website
    asking for “lay off end date” and no exact details how to find it. (any important infos should show up by click on the text)

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