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CITY POLICE Arrest Six More For Not Wearing masks

OFFICERS attached to the City Police Department have made more arrests of individuals in Castries for not wearing masks.

The offenders, six male individuals, have been charged for failing to adhere to the COVID-19 Prevention & Control regulations.

They were bailed on their own recognizance and are expected to appear before the courts.

The Castries Constituency Council continues to appeal to all staff members, vendors and members of the public traversing the city of Castries to abide by the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Regulations.

The City Police Department will continue to be on active patrol to ensure that all public health protocols are adhered to.

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  1. That is absolute nonsense. Do people have to wear masks 24/7 in that heat? I thought masks were to be worn in crowded places and on public transport. Why are people expected to wear masks on the streets ? Who is responsible for this draconian law?

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