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Our thoughts matter as well!

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By Carlton Ishmael

It is difficult to see how the future can bring prosperity, with our mode of development. I have said before, that there are needs that have not been attended to, yet you hear of growth and success.

The governments of the day always boast and brag as they give their own accounts of their reign and their progressive type of government.

Looking back, I have heard and seen images of the future, but the present still seems ordinary — and full of unfinished projects. The proposed roads and new highways, finished hospitals and improved health care, better education, more employment, an improved judicial system, cottage industries, coupled with a meat processing plant, new banana export avenues and four thousand more hotel rooms, all seem to remain elusions.

Now the new buzz word is ‘not enough time to finish the task’ — meaning these tasks were easier said than done. World conditions have reduced the cash inflow, the loans and grants are becoming burdensome, we are more in debt as a country and the people are more in need, as well as the threat of the weather and global warming.

So much has to be done, so much has not been done, and so many are being paid for doing nothing, while some get rich despite the crisis.

The question is do we still believe that we are a progressive Country, do you truly think that this Government is working in our interest, do you truly believe that they are honest and hard-working and have our interest at heart? But if you think ‘yes’, I do not share your opinion and have good reason not to agree with you because the truth is glaring.

I do not know if the Government in waiting is any different, but what I know for sure is the change we need is not being fulfilled.

We cannot continue on this path, we cannot change to the same, and the government of the day has to change how they do things, especially how they sell our lands.

We need more people at the helm with heart rather than empty promises and empty plans on paper, or virtual images are just ideas, implementing is what is absent, but people’s concerns are what’s missing.

The future of this country lies in a different mindset. Those given the task at present don’t seem to have the cure or the solutions, and if we change we have to change with a purpose, and the people must direct the course for development, not the leaders because too often they lead us the wrong way.

We need to redirect what is development and our leaders need to listen more, open their eyes and ears and they need real advisors not party hacks, leeches and self-serving people. They need to look within and stop thinking that it is external ideas that matter.

Our thoughts matter as well!

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