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Are all the brains in one section of the society?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

I have always thought that being a politician was a privilege and not a job-for-life or for self-enrichment. But it seems that some think it’s their right to be in charge, or to be in a commanding position.

So, few knew that they could or would call the shots, decide what path the country or people should take, decide for all what should happen and how it should be done — and shut out others, especially the opposite side.

To this end, they start to think that they own minds, that they alone have all the answers and they and only they can decide who gets, who ought not to get and how taxpayers’ money should be spent.

Time changes, conditions change, situations change and they also believe that they ought not to be changed even when they have failed to meet the people’s needs.

To some extent, it is only they ho have the answers, the know-how, or all the solutions. And if by chance those who came before them had begun projects or put structures in place, all should be dismantled or rejected or discontinued, because they are the new bosses, and only they can be trusted to get things done or give guidance — and all they say should be taken as gospel truth.

Another thing is how they smear the opposite side, finding dirt and if necessary, fabricating lies or stories to make them not liked by the people, especially their supporters. Criticism from any source is not acceptable, as they put blinders on and only take advice from their cliques, or those they have given favours, or planted, to give them support

It is so sad that men and women today can think that they should be appointed to lead nations for life and only them or those they groom or recommend should be in charge, if not themselves.  But why should only one side think that only they can get the job done, as if all the brains in one section or segment of this society, as if education is the sole privilege of only one grouping, and if by chance we disagree, then we are fools.

Am I to believe or think that members on the other side are all daft, not capable of taking change, and is there nothing done in the past worthy of mention, or had merit or was good for our development? It is so sad that such egos exist and people accept such crap as the truth. I hope that for the purpose of growth and development, this phenomenon will soon become a thing of the past and we will have more objective thinking people in this country.

I trust that we will analyze and assess the last four years of governance before we vote next time and don’t always believe in all the things we hear, or that is spinning via the media, or that is being spewed by those paid to keep us confused. I think that many more can contribute, that there are men and women from both sides of the political divide that can lead, and no one party has the answers, and people with egos bigger than their heads should not get in the way of reality.

As this pandemic continues, we need a different kind of governance, a different mindset and a group of politicians who can think outside the box and not see tourism alone as our sole and only savior.

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