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Public Sector Employees to be enlisted in “Trainers Directory”

THE Department of the Public Service through its Training Division has commenced the process towards collating a “Government Trainers Directory” of experienced and well-qualified public officers who have volunteered to serve as trainers and facilitators for the Training Division. This initiative is in keeping with the commitment by the Department of the Public Service to transform the Public Service into an efficient government machinery run by well-trained professionals dedicated to excellent service delivery.

The initiative also forms part of the Department’s training programmes geared at creating a cadre of professionals who will fill skills and competency gaps in the service. Public officers are invited to indicate their interest in being enlisted in the Government Trainers Directory by completing a short survey. At the end of the survey respondents will be contacted with respect to registration information for inclusion in the Directory.

The enlisted public officers would become the first cohort for the Training Division’s inaugural Train-the-Trainer Programme. The Training Division can be contacted at 468-4189.

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