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MOH Provides Update on Latest Covid-19 Case

Saint Lucia has recorded a total of 25 COVID-19 cases to date, 22 of these cases have fully recovered and 3 patients remain in care at the Respiratory Hospital and remain stable. A total of 3,548 tests have been conducted to date.

Two (2) of the patients have recovered clinically and do not show any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, however, they still recorded positive COVID-19 test results. The last confirmed case is an 86 year old gentleman who is recovering well in care. All of the family members, friends and health care workers disclosed to the contact tracing team have been screened and tested and to date, the results have been negative. The health team continues to monitor and investigate the source of infection.

As we continue with the phased re-opening of the country, the risk for introduction of COVID- 19 has increased. The public is advised that all protocols are still in place including the reduced numbers for public transportation and protocols for private sector establishments. These also include the use of face masks in public and maintaining safe physical distance from others.

The Ministry of Health once again reiterates the importance of quarantine for returning nationals and visitors as it is a great measure in minimizing the risk of transmitting COVID-19. It is with this, we ask people to adhere to the 14 day quarantine time and for those in-home quarantine to stay there for the full period of time.

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