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There’s no safe society, so let’s adapt for the next one after COVID

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By Carlton Ishmael

Giving due regard to the adapted changes that we have all had to make of late is becoming a task. From the wearing of face mask to ensuring that we stand a certain distance from the next person to being sanitized and being restricted in how many persons can congregate at any given time is starting to get on people’s nerves.

At home, being restricted as to the frequency of outings, as well as what time should we be back home, are all strange. The absence of regular friends at your usual watering hole all seems to have become strange of late and the biggest of all the strange changes to have happened is having to deal with your inside family and related love ones.

As for how long these new modes of life continue is not of my knowing, but at the end of it all, a lot of changes will become another way of life.

There are those no doubt who are looking to continue life as was, some would have turned over a new leaf, some will become more holy, while some would reconsider their purpose in life.

There is now a new meaning to farming, backyard food crops will become a necessity, cleanliness, hygiene, hugging and kissing all to be new concepts for adaptation and in some cases, some would have lost a lot, while some will profit from the new changes.

Development is now a big question: Do we go back to basics, or do we still seek to be grand? Do we make health needs our number-one concern? Is it still about going overseas to get a better life? Will a humble lifestyle suffice? Really, what lessons would we have learnt from this pandemic?

The Tech World keeps us connected, we are still able to communicate with the rest of the world, but equally we are aware of all that happens on a global scale, we have also reached the realization that schooling and education can be done from homes. We have to ensure no doubt that most people are tech-savvy, but it will cost less to relate to the future than revert to the past.

Being or living healthy should became a way of life, supporting local industry can became very necessary and brotherhood should replace criminality.

Churches should deal with the survival of their congregation, not only offer prayers — and our leaders, both present and future, should have a new vision for our livelihood.

To every season, we need adaptation — and the present season of doom and gloom needs a new a prospective. Some need to be led, some can lead, but more and too many care less about being led. Laws and just rules can be the new order. But as this virus had taught us, without guidelines, rules and laws there is no safe society, so let’s change for the better — and shape a better tomorrow.

Yesterday may be dead and gone and tomorrow may still be out of sight, but just as Covid came it will also be gone and what we have to be ready for is the new world it will leave behind for us to conquer, or be conquered by it!

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  1. A friend of mine said to me that life the way we live it, will either have to be changed or
    it will change us. ” the absence of regular friends at your usual watering hole all seems to
    have become strange at late……..” Now, if you excuse me, I’m not familiar with the term
    ‘watering hole’ but I think I have a hint, judging from one of my favourite T.V. programs on
    African Wild Life. Caribbean life will be hard to change; the weather,tradition and the watering.
    at ‘The Hole’ for whatever purpose. Income will play a deciding factor in the way we may be
    forced to adapt to. So my brother, welcome to the ‘New world Order’ whether we like it or not.
    This invisible intruder in our mids might end more sadly than we think; check the history books.
    Some will have to leave Egypt to the Pharaohs, or stay and die with him and his way of life.

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