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Monday Night Shooting leaves One Dead

The southern division of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in Vieux Fort on Monday night.

A young man was found bleeding from the back of his head as he laid motionless on a concrete road. The curious onlookers who had converged over the body with phones out recording, questioned and summarized how the young Merkia may have succumbed.

The morbid sight of spent shells on the ground next to the bloodied head and markings from what appeared to be bullet wounds on the young man’s neck painted an even grimmer picture as individuals claimed to have heard multiple gunshots before finding the lifeless body on the ground.

Investigations into the island’s latest killing is ongoing.


  1. Don’t tell me, the local mafia have emerged; this is not a good sign, given the present
    situation with employment, the lack of funds and generally unemployment on the whole.
    Whatever the cause of this one case, sends an alarm to the whole nation that something
    soon will have to be implemented in order to stem what seems to be a potential breakdown
    in Law and Order in the country. Give the Police greater powers to do what’s needed to be done.

  2. Sad state of affairs for sure, with these criminal activities. @ Voice editor, there is one police division in the south, no?

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