Message From Director Of Human Services Concerning the Baby who was Found Abandoned At Morne-Du Don, Castries

The following is a message from Director Of Human Services, Beverley-Ann Poyotte, concerning the baby who was found abandoned at Morne-Du Don, Castries.

I am sure that many of you have seen the video of the baby who was found abandoned at Morne du Don in Castries today Friday May 15, 2020. While this is tragic situation it brings to the fore some issues which I would like to highlight.

1. The mother

In order for a mother to abandon her child in this manner there must have been extenuating circumstances of which we are not aware of at this time. The Division along with the Police are in the process of investigating in order to try to determine who the mother is. Having said so we would like first to encourage mummy to come to us at the Division so that we can help her to process this situation. We are aware that at this point you must feel very alone and scared and we will assist you in getting the proper help such as medical, psychosocial and any other area where help is required.

To the general public; it is very easy for us to ask how can someone who has carried a child for nine months do such a thing. Circumstances such as depression, post-partum depression, other mental health issues, financial situation, lack of family support and support from father and other friends and even now the fear of going to hospital due to COVID-19 can contribute to such a decision. We should be empathetic and not judgmental at a time like this.

We would also like to encourage any family or friends who would have known of the pregnancy to come in to me at the Division or to report to the Central Police station.

2. The child

I would like report that the baby has been taken to the Hospital OKEU and is doing well. He has been assessed and is currently resting.

3. The Division of Human Services.

I would like to express gratitude to the number of persons who have called to offer assistance to the Division at this time and also who have expressed an interest in taking care of or adopting the baby. Anyone who would like to donate can drop off items at the Division which is located at the corner of Chisel and High Streets. We would be grateful for baby formula, pamper, wipes and baby clothes.

There is also a process by which persons are placed on the list for pre adoptive care. There is an assessment which has to be undertaken and includes psychosocial and psychological assessments, medicals, home study assessment and references. Once these have been completed and the individual or individuals have qualified they will be placed on a list and as children become available they will be placed. So I would like to encourage all those who have reached out to contact myself at 758 724 1801 or Mrs. Genevieve St. Agthe at 758 468 5363. This will apply for persons locally as well as persons living overseas.

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