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Honours Due

Often, they have been bypassed when awards for excellence are presented at annual staff dinners, Christmas parties and corporate anniversaries. Distanced by wage, sometimes by race, class and physical appearance, they would huddle for comfort and security at such events.

Generally neglected by the academically qualified, adorned in high-heeled footwear, beautifully tailored suits, and bearing fragrances with signatures of world-famous artistes, those low-paid employees would grumble silently in the midst of their rejection and simply continue with their daily chores. They know that they will never qualify for the red carpet at the Oscars, but we all know that they are the unsung heroes of humanity.

The current passage of Covid-19 has served to highlight the tremendous value of these workers in every industry. I am speaking of the janitors, maids, sanitation workers and general cleaners.

Had it not been for their dedication and love, heaven knows how much higher the death toll could have been from the deadly virus that fell upon us as a modern plague.

Let us raise our hands and hearts in praise and prayer for them. They deserve our love today and tomorrow just as they deserved it yesterday.  — Rommel Lawrence

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