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City Mayor Warns Against Unhygienic Street Vending

Castries, St. Lucia, May 26 2020 – The Mayor of Castries has called for an end to the unhygienic and unsafe practice of placing produce on the ground for sale along City streets.

Mayor Peterson Francis has noted that some vendors put fruit, vegetables and provisions on the ground to attract buyers.

But he warns that the habit should be stopped as it is unhealthy. The Castries Mayor has also called on members of the public not to buy produce that is placed on the ground.

Mayor Calls For End to Streetside Vending

“I urged everyone to go to the New Castries Provisions Market to purchase their produce,” he stated.

“We are faced with a situation where we are reaching our objective of having vending in a more orderly fashion. Whilst we have achieved some gains, a lot of work needs to be done not just by way of sensitization, but also getting persons to understand the greater good. For years, it seemed acceptable that provisions could be placed on the ground in the city for sale. We must graduate from such practices. It is unsafe, unsanitary and should not be tolerated or encouraged.”

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  1. Mr. Mayor, we thank you for your dedication, you are doing a good work as Mayor.
    We see that times have changed, long before this Caronavirus epidemic, it was
    seen fit that we needed a new expanded Market, that was realized under your time
    as Mayor. I knew from the beginning that you would have a tough time preventing
    some from selling right out in the open. As a child, I enjoyed visiting open Markets
    not only in Castries, but beautiful Soufriere which I love. Old habits my friend die hard.
    When I see all that fruit, be it on the ground or inside, I always washed my Mangoes
    before I bite, skinned what is to be skinned, I’m still around after all these years.
    Praise God for little blessings, thank Him for a new day, thank Him that we are FREE.

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