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BOOK REVIEW — Samuel Bowers to Launch New Book in April

A NEW book by Saint Lucian Samuel Bowers will be out April of this year. Here is a preview of the book by Dawn French.

It is interesting that Sam Bowers chose a cynic like me to review and provide a blurb on his book, SAINT LUCIA: THE STATE WE’RE IN.

From the first chapter and not letting go… I felt the hopes and dreams of people like Hunter François, George Odlum and Kensley Peter Charlemagne. People with a burning ambition for our people and who took to publishing their passion with the desperate hope of societal change.

Bowers speaks to the tribalism that affects us and the modern manifestation of power for the sake of power all wrapped up in a bow of the cult of personality.

If I am to complain then it is to lament that a Thesis that addresses crime, lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, gang culture, tourism and power; somehow manages to completely ignore culture and the creative industry collectively called CCI.

CCI not for CCI sake.But as a tool.A tool with the potential for economic growth, job creation/ reduction in unemployment, as a contributor to GDP and inevitably the reduction in the national debt.

There is still much to do in the linking of science, business and politics with the arts.

If I am to praise this effort then it is to say that this book is written in English. Considering the topic SAINT LUCIA: THE STATE WE’RE IN the presentation is deceptively simple. It would have been easy to produce a piece filled with the jargon of micros and macros to name two favourites. But he doesn’t.

Sam Bowers has produced a collection of essays that speak to the collective pain of Saint Lucians manifesting since Independence and in some cases of pain older than that.

This is a book that can be read by anyone. Get a copy, pick an essay any essay and have an easy and informative read.

A. L. Dawn French Award-Winning Author and Citizen of the State.

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