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Birth of triplets at Victoria Hospital

MORE than 10 years after Victoria Hospital celebrated the birth of triplets, a similar delivery took place earlier this month sending the hospital’s staff into celebratory mood.

It was triple the joy for a mom when a baby girl and two baby boys were delivered at the Maternity unit of the hospital on February 11th.

Image of nurses and doctors who performed the triplets miracle around the bed of mother and infants.
Nurses and doctors who performed the triplets miracle around the bed of mother and infants.

The triplets were born via cesarean section and with two of them weighing in at 4lbs 4 ounces and the other at 4lbs 6 ounces.

Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Ira Simmons spoke on the safe delivery of the triplets and expressed delight that the newborn babies are healthy.

“Prior to delivery, we wanted to make sure that the babies were old enough so that we would not have to use any ventilator support cause if they are born too young, the lungs are not mature and therefore we would need to ventilate them and we don’t have many ventilators at Victoria Hospital. So, over the three weeks that she was in hospital before delivery we made sure that we gave mummy some special medication so that it can mature the babies’ lungs in the womb and by the time the babies were born, thank God, we didn’t have to ventilate them.”

Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Lucilla Charles says the birth of the triplets is definitely a momentous occasion for both the family and the hospital which calls for a celebration.

“Last Tuesday, we had to deliver her cause the babies as generally the rule with triplets they tend to come early so we had to take her in for a cesarean delivery which went very well. We had full support of the paediatric team, they came out in a huge contingent together with full support of the obstetrics team and that delivery went very well and smoothly. We were worried of things like blood loss, mother not doing very well. The fortunate thing is that she was awake, part of the experience, she received what is called a spinal so she had no pain, and she was comfortable and was able to celebrate the delivery of her babies.”

Mother of the newborn triplets Milcah Sinaise says she was extremely delighted and overwhelmed at the birth of her three bundles of joy.

The mom also expressed gratitude to the doctors and nurses for ensuring a safe delivery of the babies.

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