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A Burning Vehicle may add to Island’s Homicide Rate

A grizzly and morbid scene along the Castries to Gros Islet Highway may be evidence of another homicide on the island.

Image of Burning Vehicle
Burning Vehicle

According to reports, during the wee hours of Sunday, February 23rd, a vehicle fire in the brush on the side of the road near the gap leading to Pigeon Island was reported to the Gros Islet Police Station.

MBC Prime’s reporter Miguel Fevrier reported that by 8:30 a.m., the scene was cordoned off with personnel from both forensics and the Gros Islet Police Station on the scene.

The burning vehicle is reported to have had a body inside of it, a discovery that was made after the flames were extinguished by Fire Fighters.

A more detailed update will be provided in Tuesday’s issue of The Voice Newspaper.

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