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1st Phase of Market Redevelopment Project Almost Ready

Image of new market still blocked from public view.

PROVISIONS market vendors will soon be transferred to their new home as the first phase of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project nears completion.

In preparation for that phase of the project last year, vendors were temporarily relocated to the former fire service headquarters site on Jeremie Street.

Image of new market still blocked from public view.
New market still blocked from public view.

Currently, an important feature of the project which is the construction of the vendors’ stalls is being completed. At least 100 stalls will be manufactured to enhance product development offerings and provide proper accommodation and facilities.

The newly-built facility will allow for comfort and a structured approach to vending.

Mayor Peterson Francis says he is excited and looks forward to the reopening ceremony which will take place soon.

“I am grateful that the vendors have been extremely patient and I wish to thank them. While we understand their concerns, it was critical that we did all what was necessary to upgrade the facility and provide better accommodation for our traders. I can’t wait to see the smiles on the faces of our provisions vendors at the reopening,” said Mayor Francis.

Image: This is what vendors will encounter on entering the refurbished market.
This is what vendors will encounter on entering the refurbished market.

The first phase of the market redevelopment project catered to a covered vending area, refurbished comfort stations and newly built vending stalls. The next component of the project will see the construction of a Container Box Park creating an avenue for micro enterprising, cosmetic shops, cafés, pubs and eateries.

Thereafter, the remaining component of Phase one will include modifications to the entrance of the market adjacent to the Castries harbour, construction of a state-of-the-art food court, high-end air-conditioned restaurants, a refurbished craft market, entertainment area, and meat and fish depots.

Phase two comprises the construction of a viewing tower, and duty-free shopping boutiques.

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  1. Can’t wait – on my next visit, that’s one target on the list. Now, show us a perspective
    of the front facing Jeremy Street. BTW, I wouldn’t allow political meetings on the premises.
    Not by any political stripe.Keep the place clean at all times,day and night and well lit up.

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