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Give Credit Where it is Due

Dear Editor,

I think it’s important sometimes to give credit where it is due.

I was so pleased to see a report on DBS recently where over 1,000 school children from Choiseul stood to benefit from a donation of musical instruments from the Sandals Foundation. Now, as you may know, musical instruments are not cheap, and what really stood out to me was the young boy interviewed by DBS who said that music was 70% of his life, and now his dream could come true.

That was special, but the fact that this was done as a result of Sandals allowing their team members to recommend projects from their own communities that the Sandals Foundation would then fund shows a level of thinking on a whole other level.

We are often quick to criticize, but I feel we must also be just as quick to give praise when people do good things.

Only recently I saw Major Mitchell who heads the Salvation Army in Saint Lucia, and he was boasting how many people they fed for their Christmas lunch for the needy, and the fact that this lunch has been wholly supported by Sandals for the past umpteen years. He was also beaming about the fact that Sandals had just renovated the Salvation Army’s pre-school and had put in a bunch of computers for the kids.

Every day you open the paper there is always something that the organisation is sponsoring, whether it’s football, tennis, environmental events or free dental clinics, you name it.

The company has demonstrated a genuine care for people in Saint Lucia.

For my part I just want to thank Sandals and their team for the things they have done, and hopefully will continue to do.

— Frank

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