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Fuzion Mas Heats Up for 2020 with OYO

Fuzion Mas has stunned the carnival nation with their 2020 offering. It’s no surprise though, as according to Fuzion, they are the band with a “blend of the best elements of traditional and contemporary carnival aimed at providing the ultimate and complete carnival experience in Saint Lucia.”

Image: Aja — Patron of the Forest
Aja — Patron of the Forest

Fuzion Mas took sexy to another level with their 2020 Saint Lucia Carnival offering, OYO – The God Within.As individuals were preparing to wrap gifts and place them under their Christmas tree, Fuzion unveiled a spectacular theme and portrayal to usher in the new carnival year.

Image: Aje — Goddess of Abundance & Wealth
Aje — Goddess of Abundance & Wealth

The band pulled out all the stops to ensure that the 2020 Fuzion experience will be unforgettable. They’ve teamed up with renowned designers Keisha Collette Thomas AKA Marie Collette and David Dewer from Trinidad to bring their portrayal to life.

Image: Yemaya — Queen of the Ocean
Yemaya — Queen of the Ocean

This year, the band has seven eye-catching sections. ‘Yemaya’, ‘Oshun’, ‘Nana Buruku’, ‘Aja’, ‘Aje’, ‘Oba’, and ‘Mawu-Liza’ are all show-stoppers and will pose a problem for the Fuzionites both male and female when choosing their section as it might be a little harder this time around.(There’s always the option of rocking two costumes for those who really want to cause a scene!)

Image: Nana Buruku — The Mother of All
Nana Buruku — The Mother of All

Their jaw-dropping costumes were officially unveiled to the public at Sandals Halcyon on Thursday December 19.The vibrant colours, arresting, unique designs and execution, all tell a story of a band that although in their infancy, are not afraid of marrying traditional and fashionable mas while thinking out of the box.

Image: Oshun — Mother Earth
Oshun — Mother Earth

From costumes, to photography to videography, Fuzion Mas ensured that the quality of costuming and production all has become accustomed to wasn’t compromised.

Image: Oba — First Wife of Shango
Oba — First Wife of Shango

As the first band to launch for Saint Lucia Carnival 2020, they have set the bar at an astronomical level.

Image of Team Fuzion
Team Fuzion

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  1. I really don’t know what to say; they’ve left little or left too much for the imagination.
    At this rate I wonder what will be left on in a couple years from now and what do the
    very young and innocent think when they are exposed to that. Will our Pastors wake up?

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