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Franklincovey’s ‘5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity’

FRANKLINCOVEY’S The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity solution inspires participants to apply a process that will dramatically increase their ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes. This solution, supported by neuroscience research and years of experience, not only produces a measurable increase in productivity, but also provides a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity two day work-session is aimed at improving the productivity of
participants in professional settings, and in their everyday lives.

FranklinCovey East Caribbean, franchisee of Celestial Self Development Centre, will be delivering the 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity two day work-session in a classroom setting on February 12th and 13th 2020, at the Bay Gardens Hotel. Companies are invited to register participants who will greatly benefit from this programme.

The timeless principles found in this solution provide help to better manage decisions, attention, and energy so individuals make intentional high-value decisions and execute on high-impact goals with excellence, in the midst of unlimited choices, demands and distractions.

What our research has shown: Our brain can become wired to react to what feels “urgent,” and it actually gives us a dopamine high when we respond to and immediately act on what seems “important,” because it is “urgent.” We feel busy and productive in the moment, but then realize at the end of the day that we made decisions to spend time on activities that were not of high value. The latest brain science shows that we can overcome this “urgency addiction” by rewiring our brain to pause and consider what is actually important. With this strategy, which we call “Pause-Clarify-Decide,” we can pause our “Reactive Brain” long enough to use our “Thinking Brain” to clarify everything that is coming at us. Then we can make a conscious and intentional decision as to what is of high value and thus, worth our time and energy. The more we hone this skill, the more we will be able to accomplish the right things and get a better “ROM”—return on every moment in our day.

The secret to feeling and being highly accomplished is to rewire our brain to make intentional, high-value decisions, have very focused attention, and have the sustainable energy to make it all happen. The path to do this is through consciously making the 5 Choices.

Here’s what some participants had to say:

“The session was insightful and equipped us with tools to improve on productivity going forward” – L.S. Financial Sector

“The 2 days spent in the workshop was valuable. Looking forward to the application to every day duties, capturing the gold daily will add to the quality of my life” – C.K. Hospitality Sector

“The training was very helpful and informative. I know that through this training I will be more effective at work and hopefully share what I have learnt with my other team members” – I.L Health Sector.

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