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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Workshop

EVERY key person in business should understand and be able to communicate and share important accounting fundamentals. They should be able to use the information produced by their accounts department to make the optimal decisions for their firm. Yet not every person with management responsibility has a strong background in accounting and finance and feels comfortable with the financial issues and accompanying jargon.

The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is therefore pleased to announce its 3 – Day Finance for Non-Financial Managers Workshop. This workshop is being hosted in conjunction with German Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation.

This programme has been tailored for the needs of senior officials in business who do not have a finance background but need to make decisions involving financial issues on a daily basis. With this in mind, attendees will gain the necessary skills and tools to understand, interpret and analyze financial and accounting information which will in turn grow their business through more informed, and enhanced decision making.

The objectives of the programme include teaching participants how to develop basic financial reports; interpret information in financial reports using key accounting ratios; assess rates of return on investment; enhance capacity and confidence of participants when communicating with bankers and finance personnel and understand, interpret and analyze various reports including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statements of Changes in Owners’ Equity and Cash Flows Statements.

The programme is targeted at decision makers who may have not been trained in accounting, but are now managers, supervisors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals who need to improve their ability to interpret and analyze financial statements.

Finance for Non – Financial Managers will be delivered by Johannes Steger from the German Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation. Mr Steger holds a Master of Science Degree from Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg, Germany where he majored in Banking & Financial Controlling and International Accounting & Auditing.

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