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Chamber of Commerce Hosts Forum on Castries Redevelopment

WITH the Government of St Lucia announcing its intention to beautify and improve the functionality of the City of Castries, three critical agencies involved, namely, the Castries City Council, the Department of Tourism and the National Integrated Planning and Programme Unit, will be meeting with members of the Chamber of Commerce to share their plans, and get feedback and input from the private sector. On Monday, February 3 at its Secretariat Office on the 1st Floor of the Orange Park Commercial Centre in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet from 2:30 p.m., a forum on the redevelopment of the City of Castries will be held. The forum is aimed at ensuring that the business community possesses and operates with a comprehensive understanding of the overall and multi-faceted programme of development being contemplated.

This dialogue was focused on Tuesday January 7, 2020, when Chamber members had the opportunity to be apprised of plans for the upgrade of the Derek Walcott Square, due to commence soon. The Forum will bring into view the additional initiatives by the different agencies slated for later in the year.

All three agencies, i.e., the Ministry of Tourism, the National Integrated Planning and Programme Unit of the Department of Finance and the Castries City Council, have confirmed their participation in the Forum.

Members of the Chamber, property owners and other operators of business in the city are expected to attend the informative Forum.

For more information contact the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture at [email protected].

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  1. First of all, there must be a proper plan laid out to thin out the population of Castries.
    The City core is choked with too many residents.We have noticed how year after year
    the number of infants being enrolled at Elementary School. Such is an indication of the
    uncontrolled birth rate in the City.The question of over population in relation to Housing
    and job availability has been and is quickly becoming a fundamental problem for Planers.
    A great headache is the question of health care for an unbridled growth of City population.
    The consumption of water and other fluids, it’s waste and disposal by Sewage along with other
    Sanitary waste with a growing population is a factor not only for housing but a burden on health.
    Lately we were exposed for our preparedness or lack thereof for ‘Fire fighting’ in our city core.
    Vehicular Parking have been a historical problem and it impedes our efforts to fight fires along with
    it being an eye sour for our City and it’s pollution emission is unacceptable any where any time.
    The Harbour and the Customs is chocked. We cannot accommodate this historic growth of Tourist
    along with the usual number of Freight Vessels in our Habour; so let me suggest that the Cul-deSac
    Habour and Town be developed at a very fast rate for the over flow of Commercial Shipping anchorage
    also public housing units should be built there to encourage some city dwellers to take up residence.
    I hope this will help in some ways, I’m reserving some other ideas for another time.Lord bless Castries

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