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A Walcott Collage

THE Walcott Schools’ Arts Festival has been a staple event of the Nobel Laureate Festival for over five years. The festival aims to ensure students are exposed annually to the performing arts in keeping with the legacy and philosophy of the Walcott brother. This year, the featured production is “A Walcott Collage” – Seascapes’ a YouthSPAC production directed by Kentillia Louis.

A Walcott Collage is a production which explores a major motif in the work of Sir Derek Walcott, The Sea. It will comprise excerpts from plays such as ‘The Sea at Dauphin’, ‘Joker of Serville’, ‘Drums and Colours’ and the poems ‘The Sea is History’, ‘Omeros’, ‘The Star Apple Kingdom’ and ‘The Acacia Trees’. These works all share the sea motif together with song and dance reflective of the St Lucian cultural narrative. This production provides an opportunity for students of Theatre Arts and English Literature to interact with his work.

The production is open to the general public and secondary schools. It will be held on Friday 17 January at the National Cultural Centre, Barnard Hill, Castries from 1:00 p.m. Contact YouthSPAC at 287-1677, Sanue Joseph at 519-2136 or [email protected] for bookings or further information.

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