The Importance of the Youth Perspective

YOUNG people have valid opinions, and sometimes the things they share can challenge even the perspectives of those who think they know it all. It is always a good idea to get a fresh, new perspective, and one of the best places to find this is within our schools.

A series of letters submitted to the VOICE from students of the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School published in recent issues of the newspaper have been gaining public attention. The topics of these letters have been diverse, as students have sought to address hot topic issues, and problems facing the society. Responses have flowed in from members of the public pertaining to some of these letters, one of these responses having been published in the Thursday edition of the VOICE, in reply to a letter written by one of the fifth form students, Caelan Henry.

His letter read in part, “Day after day, I hear so many anti-racist organizations speak against racism, stating that they are at work, trying to abolish racism, yet still I see the same old news.” In response a VOICE contributor added his voice to the discussion, in his words, “not to challenge the perspective offered or counter any points, rather I seek to build upon the contribution and help expand our collective understanding of racism.” The full letter can be read on the VOICE Newspaper website, or in our Thursday edition. Caelan’s letter can also be found in the letters section of our website, along with the other letters submitted by the students.

This week we were happy to receive more contributions from the students, who embarked on a tour of the VOICE earlier this month. Some of these letters have been published in this week’s edition. Feel free to engage, and respond by emailing editor@thevoiceslu.com!

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