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Mad Max Killed by Police

MIGUEL Edward, alias ‘Mad Max’, resident of Grande Riviere, Gros Islet, was gunned down by police at the Rodney Bay Marina at mid-day on Saturday 2nd November, 2019. This event occurred when police proceeded to the Rodney Bay Marina in search of Mad Max in connection to various reports made against him, including an attempted robbery, an assault with a firearm and sexual offenses. The reports, according to police, were made on Friday 1st November and Saturday 2nd November. It has also been widely reported that Mad Max had recently committed an alleged lewd act upon a 105-year-old woman.

The police, on arriving at the Rodney Bay marina, encountered Mad Max while he was leaving the Customs area at the Port of Entry. Mad Max was reported to evade arrest by fleeing from police. This gave rise to a chase which ensued in the eventual cut-off of Mad Max by police officers. It was at this point that Mad Max was reported to withdraw a weapon and attempted to assault one of the police officers with it. This attempted assault was repelled by the police officer by discharging a round of ammunition in the direction of Mad Max, thus wounding him in the process. Medical assistance was sought for the treatment of injuries sustained by Mad Max, after which he was transported to Victoria Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Investigations into this matter are reported to be ongoing.

Certain reports claiming that Mad Max was wanted by police in connection to various crimes prior to November 1st have been dispelled as rumours by police. According to Corporal Ann Joseph, Press Relations Officer of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, “Prior to reports that have reached us there were no prior incidents where he was wanted for questioning or was identified as a formal suspect prior to those dates [Nov 1st and Nov 2nd]. These were fresh matters that he was under investigation for.” Corporal Joseph did say however, that all previous matters for which police had reason to question Mad Max had been dealt with already.

Among the matters which had been dealt with was the 2016 offense of robbery with the use of a firearm, for which Mad Max was on bail. This offense, according to Corporal Joseph, was before the court. Mad Max was also charged in 2018 for illegal possession of a firearm. That matter was also reported to be dispensed before the court. The Corporal reiterated, “All previous matters for which the police would have had reason to question him had been dealt with.”

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