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The NYC is Merely Political

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

If I should say that the National Youth Council is the breeding ground for future politicians, I think many people will agree with that statement. If I should say that the National Youth Council is used mainly for self-advancement by its executive, I think even more people will agree with me on this second statement. In my youth, I had never been inclined to joining or participating in the NYC. The thing about the NYC is/was that its setup allowed for participation of uniformed groups and while I have heard of promises of it becoming more inclusive, from my observations, not much has changed. If I am wrong, please correct me.

I have never been one for debates. I am not afraid of them. I often find myself in them. I think we all do. There are many here who suggest that we take on a more US presidential type of campaign, with national debates. I am not necessarily in agreement. Being good or brilliant at debates, and relegating your opponent into shame or obscurity, does not demonstrate your ability to lead. It may show-off your intellectual prowess but how do you relate with people? Can you take criticism? Are you sympathetic to the needs of others? Do you have a history of standing up for causes against injustice? Are you patient or easily angered? Can you take a project, no matter how difficult, to completion? Do you know when to abandon a project that is proving unsustainable? How good are you, dealing with and allocating resources, financial and otherwise? Do you genuinely care about people? A debate can assess very few of these characteristics.

I have tried in times past to reach out to the National Youth Council but to much disappointment. I think that they are afraid to rock the boat. When the idea of a debate among the individuals was first touted on social media, I waited with bated breath to see whether it would happen. Given the short space of time and that it may be self-serving to the individuals vying for leadership, I was tending toward it happening and sure enough it did.

As the Public Relations Officer of the Sustainable Well-planned Development Action Group (SWDAG), I reached out to the National Youth Council a while back on organizing a youth debate in Choiseul on the topic, Sunset Bay Hotel: The best thing to happen to Choiseul. I need not tell you how that went, only to say it never happened and I could not even get a personal comment or reaction on the issue from its Vice President who hails from the community.

I have for years been speaking of a new model of governance for Saint Lucia, not for once has the NYC taken me up on it. I have indicated my willingness to engage and through this article reaffirming my willingness to engage.

For now I leave the NYC to campaigning in teams and let them brand this as the most exciting thing to have happened in the history of the organization. In my humble opinion, the NYC is nothing but a political organization. Youth development is the last thing on its agenda. Rest in peace, Mr Wayne Louis.

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