Get Fit, Stay Fit

By Cherish Kyeyune

YOUR health is your wealth, and as such it is worth paying attention to the things we can all do in order to stay healthy. Physical activities or exercise can help improve your health and reduce the risk of developing disease. Taking part in physical activities and exercise can have immediate and long term effects, like improving on your mental health and quality of life. Below are a few easy ways to stay fit.

Hit the Gym
There are gyms located all across the island that can be utilized as part of your fitness journey. If you are unable to go to one then building a small at- home gym can help too. A gym is a great way to establish a good workout routine to keep fit. Exercising daily can help improve your muscles, improve weight and most importantly strengthen your heart, allowing it to pump efficiently with less strain. Find a local gym or create your own indoor gym area and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Go swimming
If you love the water, then a water workout may be best for you. As we are literally surrounded by water, Saint Lucia is a great place to start. Swimming provides a workout without high impact to your bones and muscles, and can help in alleviating stiff muscles and joints. Water workouts help to tone and strengthen muscles and control weight. Swimming can also help with improving flexibility and posture.

Try Yoga
Yoga is peaceful workout that can help calm the body and mind along with having a great workout, so pull out those yoga mats. The relaxation techniques infused with yoga will lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, pain associated with arthritis and much more. Some people have reported that yoga even helps lower blood pressure. Other benefits of yoga are maintaining a balanced metabolism, improving cardio & circulatory health, and increasing energy and flexibility.

Start Cycling
They say you never forget how to ride a bike, so it’s time to grab your bike and reap the health benefits cycling provides. Cycling is easy on the joints as sitting on the bike your weight is supported on a pair of bones called the ischial tuberosities located in the pelvis. Pushing pedals provides a great aerobic workout which is great for your heart, brain and blood vessels. It also improves your stamina.

Get Moving (Walk or Run)
Walking and running are two of the most popular means of exercising that can help keep you fit. Walking has been seen in some cases to reduce hypertension and cholesterol along with reducing the chances of getting a stroke. It’s a low impact workout that is great if you want to work out but still take things relatively easy. Running on the other hand is high impact workout which is great for building and toning muscles. Running can help you burn calories and fat. It has also been proven to improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen bones.

Editor’s note: Check in with your doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer for the best workout plan to suit your lifestyle.

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