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Victims of Crime in Vieux Fort Call for More Police Patrols

By Kingsley Emmanuel
Image: Police officers kept the beat and the peace in Vieux Fort for the holidays, much to the appreciation of citizens. (PHOTO: Kingsley Emmanuel)

Victims of the recent surge in robberies and burglaries in Vieux-Fort are calling for more police patrols in the troubled areas in the community.

The troubled areas are mainly Bruceville and the Mang, where a number of young men have been killed during bloody confrontations among rival gangs.

Over the past few months, the spike in robberies and burglaries in Vieux-Fort has rattled the community leaving residents, especially business owners, terrified.

The majority of those crimes remain unsolved, but according to information from Vieux-Fort police, those cases are being pursued with vigour and determination.

However, in one case, Vieux-Fort police were able to glean enough information to arrest a few young men of the community in connection with the burglary of a shop after they went on a spending spree.

At least one of the business houses which was robbed recently beefed up its security by hiring a private security company to guard its premises, located on Clarke Street, one of the busiest streets in Vieux-Fort.

The most recent incident occurred earlier this month when First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC) was burglarized.

Dave Leonce, who had his business establishment burglarized twice during the past five years said: “The police need to patrol places like Bruceville and the Mang more often, especially at nights…”

He added that the problem is compounded by the fact that residents of Vieux-Fort are reluctant to furnish police with information regarding criminal activities in the community.

Fitzgerald Daniel, whose restaurant was robbed of cash a few months ago, said the refusal of young men in the community to seek employment is contributing to the spike in crime in Vieux-Fort.

“They just want easy money…” he said.

Another victim of a robbery said there is a need for heavily armed police officers to patrol all the areas in the community where young men assemble, referring to young men just sitting on the block.

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