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St James Club Donates Sneaker Day Proceeds to Children’s Home

On June 26th, 2019 the St James’s Club Morgan Bay family joined the National Sneaker Day movement. Started in 2016 by the National Insurance Corporation (NIC), the aim of the annually held event is to promote good health through increased physical activity in the workplace—a seemingly simple concept which carries life altering implications.

On Sneaker Day, employers across Saint Lucia are encouraged to permit their employees—particularly those with sedentary occupations—to wear sneakers with their customary work attire. The hope is that this active footwear will inspire more movement in their daily routines. Occupations that involve sitting for extended periods have been proven to be detrimental to cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing. A basic act such as walking to a colleague’s desk instead of making a phone call increases physical activity and combats these ill effects.

In a press statement, a representative from the St James Club Morgan Bay expressed: “Our participatory support for this commendable activity is the latest step in our continuing journey to foster a culture which promotes good health, safety and contentment. The wellbeing of our employees is paramount, thus we strive to create a work environment that is conducive to this. We encourage healthy eating by providing delectable, nutritionally balanced meals for all team members; we conduct regular mandatory health and safety training sessions; and have successfully fostered mutual respect and appreciation by encouraging open and candid communication among employees at all levels. By prioritizing employee wellness, our team’s cohesion, morale and productivity have been positively impacted, and workplace accidents and absenteeism significantly reduced.”

This year, to add to the allure of the event, a competitive element was incorporated at St James Club. The creativity and style of the sneakers on display were assessed by a select panel of judges who had the unenviable task of selecting the top three from a host of contenders, all worthy of consideration. Third place went to Corrie Haynes, the visiting activities manager from sister property, St James’s Club Barbados, whose kicks were the centerpiece of a wider Rastafarian motif. Second place was captured by Tricia Adonai of Guest Services who complemented her orange and lime green uniform with white Nike low tops with vivid, orange soles and fitted with orange and green metallic laces, while the top prize went to Kennyshankar Sonson of the Kids Club.

Qualification for the aforementioned competition required a nominal entry fee of one dollar while team members who opted not to participate contributed two dollars each. The sum collected was personally matched by the Senior Vice President of Operations for Elite Island Resorts -the parent company of St James’s Club Morgan Bay, Mark Grebby. All proceeds were donated to the Holy Family Children’s Home located in Ciceron, Castries which provides a loving and caring home for abandoned, abused and orphaned children in Saint Lucia.

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