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Octogenarian Couple Ties Knot in Lavish Ceremony

Image of Mr & Mrs Paul with their son Vitalis Louis (right).
Image of Mr & Mrs Paul with their son Vitalis Louis (right).
Mr & Mrs Paul with their son Vitalis Louis (right).

Can love be enthralling when you are an octogenarian?

Love, in fact, can be more than that for couples in their eighties. Just ask Marie Theresa Paul and Patrick Paul who tied the knot last Sunday at the Degazon Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Marie who is 88-years-old and Patrick, 83 first met in 1967 and it seems that theirs was a love meant for all eternity because at the time they first met Marie was pregnant. However that did not deter Patrick from expressing his love for her then and there.

As their son Vitalis Louis tells it, he was the one in Marie’s womb at the time she met Patrick, they fell in love but had a falling out and stayed apart for 32 years. However, when two people are in love, time has a way of bringing them back together, and so it was with Marie and Patrick.

And so last Sunday that love was sealed with blessings from God as the two took their vows and pledged their love to each other in grand style proving to all that being in love can be as wonderful in old age as in youth.

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