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Soca Psycho Releases New Song “L’ow It”

Image of Soca Psycho, the Pitchfork Jab
Image of Soca Psycho, the Pitchfork Jab
Soca Psycho, the Pitchfork Jab

Local Soca artiste ‘Soca Psycho’ has released a new track for Carnival 2019 entitled “L’ow It”. Soca Psycho won the 2012 Road Match with his hit song ‘Gallop’ and was the 2nd Runner up of Road Match 2018 with his song ‘Pitchfork’. Soca Psycho has been a lover of Soca music and Carnival for as long as he can remember. He is reveller, which means he loves excitement. –And he is also a family man who believes in excitement without lawlessness. “Carnival is for all of us; adults and children alike, and we want it to be enjoyed by all” The artiste stated.

The artiste is appealing to people who come to Carnival to abide by the law and to make an effort into making this year’s Carnival a pleasant experience for everyone. “Carnival is a time for us to enjoy ourselves and to release all the stress that we have endured throughout the year. We want to enjoy this time to the fullest and are pleading that all criminal elements and mischief stay out of the Mas. Revellers wait a long time for Carnival and pay a lot of money to do so, and they deserve to enjoy it. We want everyone to enjoy the mas.” Soca Psycho remarked.

Soca Psycho reflected on the impact that crime has had on Carnival over the years which has resulted in the shortened duration of the Parade of the Bands. Soca Psycho wrote “L’ow It” while reminiscing of the times when ‘Mas’ continued after sunset into the night. He pronounced, “Mas as we know was a time when we party and come together to relieve the stress of the year. Gone are the days when we would jump till 10 pm and party till sunrise. We are asking for a lengthy and peaceful parade of the bands. If you are not part of the band please remain on the sidelines. We are bringing back this old time feeling of Mas as we ask Law Enforcement to L’ow It.”

So this is the concept of the song; ‘L’owing’ reverlers more time to enjoy Mas and appealing to spectators to be on good behaviour so that the revellers’ request may be considered. ‘L’ow It’ is available on YouTube for your listening pleasure. “So get in the groove and get ready to support Saint Lucian Carnival!”

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