Happy Mother’s Day!

Trying to get a news room of men to write about Mother’s Day is no easy task. Many here at our own office would have preferred to shy away from having to write the sort of sentimental article associated with the occasion that honours mothers in all senses of the word. Nonetheless, we were able to pull some interesting perspectives out of our team, all in celebration of mother’s everywhere who work tirelessly day in and day out to support their own.

Mother’s Day is rightly a day that should be spent acknowledging the efforts of mothers – women forever changed just for the simple fact that they are now responsible for lives other than their own. Though many people have their own interpretation of the day and its origins, the underlying fact remains the same – motherhood is one of the most beautiful parts of life, the very thing that keeps existence flowing, and we must respect it. We must create conducive environments for women to mother their children in our society in all aspects, starting with the work place. If we cannot do this, and continue to discriminate, we will be doomed.

In this issue you’ll find a special Mother’s Day Supplement, which includes a compilation of letters from young mothers, to mothers everywhere. These submissions touch on nearly every aspect of motherhood, from the joyful moments, to challenges encountered along the way. It is our hope that these heartfelt contributions reach the people who need to be inspired most, at a time when it seems family values in our island are dwindling fast, and there are more single mothers than ever. That topic in itself is for an entirely separate editorial, which we will feature soon.

For now, we wish you all the best on Mother’s Day, whether you’re a new mom, a veteran, an expectant mom, or a brother, uncle, cousin, father, or grandfather who recognizes the importance of celebrating mothers everywhere. May you feel loved and appreciated during Sunday’s observation, and always!



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