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Health Versus Politics

THE EDITOR: It now appears that the symptoms of power have truly resonated within the psyche of the SLMDA president who now sees himself as a politician versus a medical practitioner. He has shown his true colours by aligning himself at a recent conference with the various CSA stakeholders whose political affiliations are well documented. What remains disturbing are the comments of the president in respect to loss of life at the various health institutions by way of substandard infrastructure. These statements are fabricated and erroneous as there is no hard evidence that patients have passed on as a result of such infractions. What we do know, is that patients remain vulnerable by late and inaccurate diagnosis and the wrong type of medication Never in the history of St. Lucia have we witnessed such blatant behaviour by a medical practitioner using the SLMDA as a vehicle to provide scare tactics to the nation. In any civilized country such an individual would be severely reprimanded.

It should be noted that one of the reasons why the St. Jude Hospital was never completed was due to lack of funding and poor planning, and unless these hurdles are not overcome, there will be delays. The St. Jude Hospital has been given special priority and the funding for the completion is presently available for the commencement and completion of the facility. Unfortunately, these are the deficiencies of the president which he fails to comprehend and should therefore stick to his role as a medical practitioner and not a politician as he presently aspires to be.

It is common knowledge that the opposition has targeted nearly every institution on island to defame the current administration by way of the judiciary, the health services, the DCA, banking institutions and so the list goes on without realizing that in the long run it is the citizenry and economy that can be affected. The amazing feature of all this masquerading is that St. Lucia continues to progress by attracting serious investors, produced a growth rate of 3.4%, and a reduction in unemployment; factors which indicate that persons at the helm are working and not messing around.

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