Ex-police Organization launched

PRESS RELEASE – First and foremost I would like to thank the Almighty for giving me the Health and strength to be able to say a few words on behalf of the Ex-Police Organization.

I would also like to acknowledge, the president, Helen Charles, for giving me this unique opportunity.

I intend to discuss when the organization started, what are its purposes, what are its membership and officers like and what are its challenges and future intentions.

The Ex-police organization was formed on the 14th of July 1994, this whole idea was the brainchild of the Ex-commissioner of Police, Mr. Vernon Augustin.

The first President of the Organization was Mr. Stanley Scholar. Other Commissioners like Mr. Eusebe Lawrence and Mr. Francis Nelson also served as president. Mr. George Rock, and Mr. Marshall also headed the unit.

While all our past presidents have been   males we are indeed very fortunate to have our present president, Helen Charles, as the first woman president of the Ex-police organization.

The purposes of the organization are as follows: The development of comradeship among its members; promotion of social, civic, benevolent and cultural activities as the organization shall see it fit for the necessary welfare of its members; and to grant financial aid to members spouses, children, grandchildren or adopted children who are unable to meet the educational expenses, subject to the availability of funds.

Membership shall be open to any member of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, the St. Lucia Fire Service and Special Reserves who have resigned or retired. Membership to the organization fall under General, Honorary, Life and Associates.

The present officers serving the Ex-police organization consist of the President – Helen Charles, Vice President – Tracy Charlemagne, Secretary/Treasurer – Carl Marshall, Assistant Secretary Claudius Williams, Chaplain – Ellis Black, Social Director – Ann St. Martin, Trustees: Bresford Harding, Haynes Cyril, Gloria Sayers and George Rock.

According to Mr. Leon Francis who joined the ex-police organization in1990 and who served as secretary for 2 years agreed that the organization had its challenges like any other group. He indicated that the place for scheduled meetings has not been the best. Financial resources has been lacking to push the organization forward. Membership has not been what is expected.

However, with our vibrant president Helen Charles, we are hoping to move forward. It is our intention to have our own place to keep our meetings and other activities. We are hoping to get assistance from government or any private person or organization to donate a piece of land for this purpose.

At this point we have a Fund Raising lunch on Sunday 9th December at the C.S.A Centre and we are asking for the public to support us. Next year we are also planning for our grand 25th Anniversary to be held in July 2019.

In closing, I would like to thank the Commissioner of Police Mr. Severin Monchery, A.C.P. Pelius, and Mr. Chico of the Police Welfare Association, and by Ex-tension the Royal St. Lucia Police Force for the tremendous assistance they have given us. (Claudius William, Assistant Secretary / SRP 48)

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