CARILEC & InCarib Announce New Partnership

PRESS RELEASE – The Caribbean Electric Utilities Corporation (CARILEC) and InCarib.net announce a new partnership to ensure improved access to infrastructure suppliers across the region for sustainable energy development and disaster response services.

As the premier association of Energy Service Providers and their partners, facilitating the development of world-class sustainable electric solutions in the Caribbean Region, CARILEC strives to enhance the effectiveness of its members by providing industry related services, creating regular networking, training and knowledge sharing opportunities; supporting mutual assistance programs and accelerating the region’s energy sector transition through innovation and advocacy.  InCarib.net is the definitive directory of infrastructure suppliers dedicated to enabling, sustaining and enhancing Caribbean living conditions.

The two organizations share an objective of attracting and promoting service providers that have a regional focus on sustainable infrastructure solutions. CARILEC and InCarib.net will work together to improve access, increase interaction and share knowledge between power and energy infrastructure suppliers and decision makers across the region. Under the new agreement, InCarib.net is offering discounts on directory listings for CARILEC members.

According to Dr. Cletus Bertin, Executive Director, CARILEC: “InCarib.Net is a directory of infrastructure suppliers who are dedicated to enabling, sustaining and enhancing overall living conditions in the Caribbean region.

“The database seeks to bridge the gap between the private sector and government utilities, regional and international development agencies and it is not exclusive to the electrical utility space.

“It seeks to cover all infrastructure and utility type projects where firms have the opportunity to showcase their infrastructure related projects, highlight their products and services, and so on.

“CARILEC felt that this was a useful partnership because primarily we believe that fostering collaboration is a critical aspect of the way forward, and in particular, cross-sectoral collaboration.

“We are positioning CARILEC to be a key partner with other sectors as we seek to build resilience and sustainability in our Caribbean developmental path.

“If we are truly seeking to become more resilient as a people, as countries, and as a region, we must accept the reality that this cannot be done within a single sector, there must be a multi-sectoral approach, it must also be a multi-layered approach, at the individual level, the corporate level, the community level, the national level and at the regional level, and it should bring together public and private sector, NGO, corporations, regional and international entities alike.

“CARILEC is indeed supportive of this very timely venture.

“We really applaud the entrepreneurship of persons like Vanessa Wilson, who first approached us about this venture, and Lauren Thomas, the founder, whose brainchild it is, and we were very pleased to sign onto this MOU during the CARILEC Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Conference in Miami in September of this year, where InCarib was also an exhibitor.”

“I took on an ambitious objective of building a regional directory of suppliers from across all sectors of infrastructure, a part of the strategy to accomplish this is by developing strategic partnerships in each sector.

Lauren Thomas, founder of InCarib said: “I’ve been able to rally support for InCarib.net from several leaders across the Caribbean and am excited to now have Dr Cletus Bertin and CARILEC on-board.

“This agreement formalizes and strengthens the relationship between CARILEC and InCarib and I look forward to continuing to build on our constructive cooperation and improving access to companies doing business in the power and energy sector in the Caribbean.

“As a part of our agreement, InCarib will be offering discounted registration rates to CARILEC members, so we are looking forward to welcoming CARILEC members to InCarib.net.” (CARILEC)

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