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Satanic Verses?

Image of George Odlum

THE EDITOR: Some 15 years ago, the former Prime Minister described deceased George Odlum as THE GREAT SATAN for whatever reason or reasons, but today the question is posed by many whether the former PM now sees in himself what he visualized in Brother George.

As we visit his actions in the last 30 months, is it at all possible that both the threat and loss of power has taken a psychological toll on him, or are these simply latent symptoms manifesting themselves as time has progressed?

Again, has the last 22 years of political stress finally taken its toll on an individual who simply had nothing more to offer and is unable to deal with reality.

Just per chance, is there a possibility that the actions of the hierarchy of the SLP in any way coincide with the philosophy of Satan and is the current PM viewed as a “MOHAMMED”?

To assist the public in determining their response, I wish to highlight a series of events in St. Luca which have prompted my thoughts and imagination similar to those of Mr. Salman Rushdie.

(1) Shortly after the results of the 2016 general elections, we witnessed the former PM showing total disrespect to the democratic process by the manner in which he reacted to the incoming Prime Minister

(2) The series of demonstrations and threats made against an investor in respect to the DSH project.

(3) The demonstrations and threats created in respect to the incomplete St. Jude Hospital for which his party was wholly responsible

(4) Attacks against the current administration in respect to the opening of the OKEU Hospital which he and his party failed to address in their 4 years in office

(5) His message to the outside world that all CIP passports issued by the current administration will be subject to scrutiny if and when the SLP returns to office.

(6) The halting of the construction of the Hewannora International Airport in 2011 and the senseless and unforgiving actions of curtailing the collection of a head tax which was endorsed by IATA and which had already brought in some $50mil

(7) The opposition to the construction of an overdue police headquarters and cranial court which has resulted in a back log of cases causing hundreds of victims and defendants to remain traumatized.

(8) An individual who is accused of unconstitutionally fleeting away several hundreds of acres of the nations seabed to a devious foreigner without consultation with the Governor General and his own cabinet. Fourteen years on, the matter languishes in arbitration, having gobbled up millions of dollars in legal fees out of taxpayers’ contributions.

(9) The same individual has the gumption to seek legal action towards a project which is 90% completed in its first phase, after 12 months of ongoing work and $40mil spent by the investors.

Based on the foregoing, it appears that the actions of those directly responsible are Satanic in nature and calls for much concern. (Christian)

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