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Will This Au Picon Beauty Angella Dalsou Be The Next Miss Universe?

WHEN 24-year-old St. Lucian beauty Angella Dalsou first decided to enter the contest to represent St. Lucia in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant scheduled for December 17 in Bangkok, Thailand, she never gave it much thought.

In fact, as she recalled, it was one of her friends who told her she has qualities befitting the wearer of that world-famous crown.

Image of Angella Dalsou
Saint Lucia’s hopes for Miss Universe lie with this young local beauty, Angella Dalson [PHOTO: PhotoMike]
Of course, never having participated in beauty pageants before, Angella fully admitted that she is green to the business. However, being inexperienced, fresh, young, and developing in the pageant business, especially on the world stage, is not a disadvantage at all.

Just ask JoycieMederick, the National Director for Miss Universe St. Lucia who says she loves it when the representative for the country is green to the pageant business or what some people still call “wet behind the ears”.

“I am one who loves a challenge, who believes in the diamond in the rough. When you have someone who is fresh, that someone is more receptive to your teachings,” Mederick said, adding that over the years, freshness, beauty, personality, mental strength always carry through.

“Miss Dalsou has an amazing personality. I know St. Lucians may not know who she is because she has not done the pageant thing before, but the Miss Universe platform is more than just being beautiful, it is about telling your story,” Mederick said.

As for Dalsou, she is enjoying every moment in her journey that started in January of this year as St. Lucia’s representative in the pageant. With her parents, Mederick and others in her corner, the young beauty from Au Picon, Vieux Fort is feeling great.

“I feel great, I am a lot more confident, this is a new experience and I am just very excited,” she told this reporter as she made herself comfortable with local representatives of Black Up Paris – the makeup line she will be using throughout her pageant experience. Duty Free Caribbean located at La Place Carenage in downtown Castries is the local agent.

Black Up is advertised as the makeup expert for tan to dark skin tones. It is the first French upscale brand said to be dedicated to women of colour. Black Up, which is Paris-based, is known for its range of professional-quality makeup developed by women of colour.

IN fact Black Up ambassador for St. Lucia, Vernessa Long who is also the manager of the store, Duty Free Caribbean is excited about what the cosmetic line will do for Dalsou.

She said Black Up Paris, when approached to sponsor Dalsou was excited to have Dalsou use its products in her journey to capturing the Miss Universe crown.

“Black Up was chosen because of what it stands for in the area of makeup for black beauty, black elegance,” Long said.

She added that Black Up not only endorses Miss Universe St. Lucia but selected Dalsou as the face of Black Up for her journey to the event.

Black Up has products for the eyes, complexion, lips, nails, skin care, and everything else for the perfect makeup. It is a full – fledged makeup line, according to Long

Dalsou will be participating in the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant. The event will be held on December 17, 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand where Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event.

This will be the third time Bangkok will be hosting the event, first it in 1992 and then 2005. Dalsou leaves St. Lucia for Thailand in November.

So far, 73 contestants have been confirmed to participate in the event, which is expected to have upwards of 88 contestants.

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  1. I never thought St.Lucia had it in her to give berth to such beauty, and
    from all places, Vieux Fort? well well, you live and learn. I would vote
    for her entry any time; please people, send her up – she is a winner.

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