NWU delegation to visit Mexican health facilities

PRESS RELEASE – FOUR members of the National Workers Union (NWU) will next week embark on a visit to health facilities in Mexico, thanks to the government of that country.

This is one in several moves by the union to educate and expose its members to various aspects of the economy, the health sector being one such area.

The four NWU members are: NnamdiObodoechina (St. Jude Hospital), Chrisentia Phillips-Augustin (Saint Lucia National Mental Wellness Centre), Yoland Mathurin (Victoria Hospital) and Mary Joycelyn Popo (Delcer Wellness Center).

Accompanying the four will be Azariah Francis, a Registered Nurse from Dennery Hospital with a good speaking knowledge of Spanish.

The NWU representatives will be guests of the Mexican Government throughout their stay in the Spanish –speaking country. They will be attached and exposed to the health care system in Mexico.

The Mexican Government and the NWU will share the cost of travel while all internal logistical arrangements and per diem for the workers will be borne by the Mexican Government.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness will assist by granting leave with pay for the said employees.

The group is expected to arrive in Mexico on Monday to be followed by a packed programme the following day, starting with a visit to the National Institute of Psychiatry on Day Two.

Day Three will see the group visit the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers focusing on Training in general hospitals, performance standards, health outcomes and patient satisfaction, electronic medical records system, policies and procedures and medication management/ medication error reduction.

The trip will involve a visit to the Neuropsychiatry Specialist Clinic as well.

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