New NCPC Council Appointed

PRESS RELEASE – THE Government of Saint has announced new members for the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council.

Productivity and competitiveness remain as top priorities for the Government of Saint Lucia and the members are fully committed to building on the successes of the previous Council as well as birthing new approaches and initiatives towards the continued enhancement of national productivity and competitiveness levels.

Heading the Council is Mr Gerard Bergasse, Island Manager for St Lucia Tropical Shipping. Mr Bergasse is an active member of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce and has also served on the Boards of the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and the National Insurance Corporation.

The other members of the Council are:
Private Sector: Mr Brian Louisy, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce and Mr Nicholas Barnard, Managing Director, St Lucia Linens.

Public Sector: Ms Jemma Lafeuille, Acting Director, Research and Policy, Department of Finance and Ms Nancy Francis Charles, Director, Investment Coordination Unit, Department of Commerce

Trade Unions/Employers: Cyprian Montoute, President, St Lucia Civil Service Association and Vice President of the Trade Union Federation and Dr Malcolm Charles, Chartered Management & HRD Consultant, Director & Past President of the St Lucia Employers Federation

Academia: Ms Theodora Sylvester, Lecturer at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

The Council held its inaugural meeting on 26 July 2018 to outline the priority areas and chart the way forward for the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC).

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