La Clery Housing Association appoints Executive Director

PRESS RELEASE – THE Tafari Charlemagne Community Housing Association (TCCHA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Samuel Bowers as its Executive Director.

Samuel brings to TCCHA a wealth of experience in leading organizational and social transformation initiative in Saint Lucia, Canada and the UK. Mr. Bowers studies Politics and Society at the University of London and hold an MBA (Social Housing) from the University of Birmingham, School of Public Policy.

Speaking on his appointment Mr. Bowers said: “I am grateful for the trust and confidence the residents of Castries North have shown in me. I am a firm believer in Karl Popper’s view, that if we believe something strong enough, the best thing to do is, at least, is try an experiment”.

“I believe social enterprises in the form of community housing associations can play a significant role in renewing and regenerating what we currently call “ghettos” and I am happy to be working with these communities to bring about empowering social change”.

The Tafari Charlemagne Community Housing Association was formed in the aftermaths of the tragic death of Tafari Charlemagne, a community leader and footballer of national repute. TCCHA vision is: Creating decent communities by becoming a leading partner in the regeneration /redevelopment of the LaClery CDCs and other communities in Castries North and its mission is: Improving access to affordable housing and the quality of community life for low income residents of La Clery CDC and Castries North.

Housing associations are community led, non-profit organizations that provide low-cost “social housing” for people in need of a home. Any trading surplus is used to maintain existing housing and help finance new homes. They can be developed into major providers of new housing for rent and run shared ownership schemes to help people who cannot afford to buy a home outright.

Housing associations can also use their local knowledge and collective resources to support social enterprises involved in activities like crime prevention, poverty eradication, gender equality, sustainable livelihoods and urban renewal. (TCCHA)

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