Home Help Workers Urged To Treat Clients With Respect

Image of Senator Fortuna Belrose, Minister in the Ministry of Culture

PRESS RELEASE – HOME Help workers have been reminded to treat their clients with respect., courtesy and dignity.

The reminder came during a September 2, 2018 graduation ceremony for 30 Home Help workers from the Castries East Constituency.

Local Government and Culture Minister, Senator Fortuna Belrose, told the workers that they have been entrusted with the care of Saint Lucia’s vulnerable citizens.

Belrose observed that most of those citizens have made their contributions to the society.

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“They have mothered our children, they have fathered our children, they have worked and contributed to this economy and for various reasons they need our help, they need your help and so no matter how poor, how frail, how indigent they appear now, you each must treat those clients with respect and afford them courtesy dignity and the care that you would want for yourself when you get to that age and when you get to that point, because we will get there one day,” the minister told the Home Health workers.

“We want a standard of care in Castries East so that when we send one caregiver even if she is not there the replacement may be even better, that’s what we want in Castries East. So we need to have that passion, we need to feel it so that when we deliver we can deliver with the class and standard that people will want to have us back.”

The graduates completed a six-week course in chronic self-disease management.

The training was intended to help them best manage themselves and others who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancers, asthma and heart conditions.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Senator May Isaac, who also addressed the ceremony, congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments.

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