Caribbean Grains Trains Local Cottage Industry Bakers

PRESS RELEASE – CARIBBEAN Grains, Saint Lucia’s flour milling company in Vieux Fort, held another successful baking training session in September – this time for commercial bakers who operate from home.

The Company’s continuing programme of training is part of a pledge to not only sell a range of quality flour to the local market, but to also pass on professional techniques to enable bakers to get the most out of the products.

Director of Sales and Marketing at Caribbean Grains, Decosta Pierre, said home-based bakeries were crucial to the baking industry because they produce a variety of pastries and cakes for sale to the public.

“Ideally, our goal is the development of the baking industry, and we have noticed that cottage industry bakeries play a critical role in the baking of cakes and various pastries, which they sell to institutions. They also do some catering. We believe that in developing the industry we should take a wholesome approach, working with bakers, professionals or homeowners who bake is the way to go.”

Trainee Gail Regy of Artisan Pastries which operates out of Union Terrace, Castries, said she was pleasantly surprised to learn of the many types of flour produced by Caribbean Grains and the new knowledge obtained.

One thing that I learnt here, and I think I will definitely implement, is that you need to let your dough rest a lot more so that you can get a more quality product. This is the first thing I am going to try.”

Janie Giraudy who runs the home-based company, Janie’s Equisite Cakes of Moule-a-Chique, Vieux Fort, said she came away with ideas and techniques, mainly in the baking of bread.

I learnt different techniques of how to use the flour; how to make baskets, different types of decorations with the bread dough. I learnt how to make a lot of different things using flour, not only white flour, but rye flour and wholegrain, which was very informative.”

So far baking training sessions by Caribbean Grains have instilled more confidence in participants about the preparation of ingredients to improve the presentation and tastes of bread, cakes and pastries.

Ali Medjahad, French baking instructor attached to Caribbean Grains said that the participants’ involvement was great during the session.

“I had a great group. Yes, we do promote our products available in Saint Lucia, but I like the enthusiasm and huge involvement of each participant. You always have one participant who makes jokes and seems happier than the rest, but this session was so delightful. It made my job easier.”

Since commencing business in November 2016, Caribbean Grains has conducted baking training sessions for groups of community bakers, school students, and hotel pastry chefs, as part of its mission is to provide solutions to the baking industry. (Caribbean Grains)

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